Steve Green (stevegreen) wrote in scratch_uk,
Steve Green

The Story So Far

This community having suddenly burst back into activity, due not least to pressure from cdave, it's probably worth reiterating exactly what its original intent was.

Back in May 2008, I was seriously contemplating launching one of those old-school comiczines which were all the rage back when I got into fandom in the mid-1970s (Fantasy Trader, Bemusing, Comics Unlimited, etc) but largely seemed to have vanished by the late 1990s. The proposed title was Scratch.

My plan was to set up this site to get a regular forum going, then announce my plans at Caption that August. With luck and a fair wind, the first issue would have been out in time for the third Birmingham International Comics Show in October.

Anyway, as many of you will be aware, life swerved off the road at that point and Scratch - either incarnation - fell off my horizon. I'd already dropped out of Caption because of Ann's illness, then I had to skip BICS due to another commitment and -- finally -- this year's Caption clashed with a visit to Seattle during my TAFF trip.

Still, the original purpose of this site remains valid, as Dave reminded me last week: a noticeboard for UK & Irish small press / comics-related events, plugs for new issues and homegrown talent, links to interesting websites. All that jazz. Self-promotion positively encouraged.

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