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Caption 2011: Caption Austerity

I'm not able to attend this year's shindig in Oxford, ironically for reasons of personal austerity, but would very much like to include a short report (with photos if possible) in the first issue of Scratch. Anyone interested?

Spreading the Word

Many thanks to John Freeman for plugging Scratch over at his site Down the Tubes.

Back On Track

When I set up this site in June 2008, the aim was to build up a community sufficient to support the launch of an old-style British comiczine (albeit online). Those plans went south as Real Life kicked the front doors in and trampled most of my hopes and dreams underfoot, but I still held on to the idea of getting Scratch off the ground at some point.

Well, that time has come. The inaugural issue of Scratch should go live in early January, and hold to a quarterly schedule from then onwards. I'm after interviews, profiles, convention listings & reports, reviews, news -- anything, in fact, to promote British and Irish comics creators. One tradition I'm also contemplating resurrecting from my days running Critical Wave is art portfolios, offering a showcase to new comics artists, but I'll phase that feature in once Scratch has built up an audience.

For now, I'm on the look-out for contributors. If you're interested, please drop me a line via stevegreen@livejournal.com, indicating your particular interests.

Dodgem Logic #2

The second issue of Dodgem Logic is now available; it includes an eight-page comic written and drawn by Alan Moore.


UK comics Twitter lists

There are a few reasons why Twitter is relevant to comics people these days.

The Fleece Station studio started from a few artists tweeting about missing human interaction when working from home.

As R.Stevens recently wrote:
Why do I follow a few hundred people on Twitter? Intelligent background noise AKA something severely lacking when you work alone. Cats are a great audience but they lack cultural context.

It can also be a channel for self-promotion. Lots of artists tweet when they have a new post up. Neill Cameron has a social media strategy, much to his own surprise.

If you want to find out what's going on, here's some twitter lists focused on UK Small Press creators and fans.


Anymore good lists out there?

Events: V&A Comics Artist Open Studio

22 Nov 2009, Sunday - Independents Day - 7pm until 11pm - €2 - Dublin Food Co-Op, 12 Newmarket, Dublin 8.

Independents' Day is a D.I.Y. fair of zines, records, comics, info stalls, etc. With workshops, screenings, performances and exhibitions.
Via bugpowder.

20th and 27th November & 5th and 6th December - V&A Comics Artist Open Studio - 13.00 – 16.00 - Free - Victoria & Albert Museum, London, SW7 2RL.

This is the last weekend for you to add a panel to the ongoing comic in the "Stories for Humans" exhibition.

Full detailsCollapse )
The Last Crusader; Through Water and Fire, is a free, limited edition 8-Page comic by Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin, Giovanni Rigano, Paolo Lamanna and Chris Dickey, available to attendees to the WexWorlds festival.

Press Release from WexWorldsCollapse )

If you're a Londoner, you can get a look at some of the Solipsistic Pop Artwork mentioned at Orbital next week.
That's Sunday. Not Saturday, as I posted earlier.

Couple of Irish Comics Items

20 - 22 Nov 2008, Friday - Saturday - Wexworlds Festival - Various events all day - Mostly Free (Some €5) - Wexford, Ireland.

A science fiction & fantasy & comics convention. I've just got a sneak peak at the final programme, and it looks pretty good. Wish I could make it over there.

The Irish 24 hour comics anthology that Sarah McIntyre was over there for is available to download for a limited time.

Via Bugpowder

Nov. 3rd, 2009

Myself, PJ Holden and Patrick Brown hope to be in St George's Market, Belfast this Saturday to sell some comics. More details to follow..


Scratch: the UK comics & small press forum

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